Hometown Heroes Write-up

Indian River Magazine April 23 at 3:12 PM – Words by Maryann Ketchem 


“Never Forgotten – Forever Revered” is the battle cry of the members of the Reverence Motorcycle Association. Scott Guntz, also known as 8Ball, founded the organization in 2015 and proudly serves as club president.

Guntz and his crew are readily on the scene, leading a Motorcycle Honor Guard, for returning Southeast Honor Flights, where they welcome home World War II, Korean and Vietnam Vveterans from their airplane journey to Washington, D.C. Throughout the year, they participate in many flag details as well as opening ceremonies for local ball games.

Voted Veteran of the Year by the Stuart Elks Lodge, Guntz keeps close tabs on his fellow members and local veteran needs. Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, together with his team, he’s been diligently delivering food, meals and other necessities where needed.

While the organization hosts Honor Missions in recognition of fallen heroes, Veteran’s Day, Military Appreciation Day and more, they’ve recently taken to coordinating Honor Missions to celebrate healthcare staff at several local hospitals.

“We try to bestow the Honor of a Hero to healthcare staff,” said Guntz. “They ARE Heroes for putting themselves in harm’s way to better the lives of others.”

Scott Guntz is a hometown hero who provides respect and well-deserved recognition to other local heroes.

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