CWO John R. Connelly

This Weeks Thursday Throwback Hero of the week is:

CWO John R. Connelly
United States Army
Vietnam War Veteran

His Honorable and Heroic Service Career Reads like this:

John Robert Connelly, was born in Jersey City, NJ on July 30, 1935. While he was growing up, he worked a number of jobs before deciding to join the United States Army and serve this great country.

After selflessly serving in the Infantry, he was selected for Officer Candidate School. After which flight school was next in line for him. In 1965, John was sent to Vietnam where he flew the the OV 1 Mohawk, doing electronic surveillance missions at night.

John’s list of awards are as follows:
1- The Bronze Star for meritorious achievement in ground operations against hostile forces.

2- The Air Medal for meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight.

After his service career ended, he then in 1966, joined American Airlines and flew for them for 29 years before retiring in 1995 on the Airbus A-300.

It is with great Honor that we remember Mr. Connelly with this Veteran Spotlight, as we thank him for his Valor, Service, Dedication and Sacrifice to our grateful Nation

You are:
Never Forgotten – Forever Revered