SSG Edward Hill

This Weeks Thursday Throwback Hero of the week is:

Vietnam Veteran Edward Hill
United States Army
American Legion Rider

Ed was a unique person. I had met him when I relocated here at the local Post 62 American Legion. He was the ONLY rider of the chapter at that time, so of course I had to join and help him build their program back.

With Ed’s help we were able to get 21 new members within a short period of time. He was very proud of being a Legion Rider and was also proud of how he was able to make the post program rebuild.

Only once did I get to speak with Ed about his service. and here is what I got from him:

“I am a Vietnam Veteran, a fired cannons, that’s why I can’t hear shit!”

I do however know that he proudly served our great country at a time when our country was hurting, much like today.

I’m not sure anyone ever knew it but, Ed actually wrote a book of Biker poems, the name of which escapes me as I write this, and yes we have a signed copy of the book! If you would like more info on the book’s name PM the page please and I will get it for you.

Ed was a cool dude to be around, talk and laugh with when he had his hearing aids in. I know this does not seem like an amazing write up, but I truly feel that this man deserves recognition of his sacrifice, service and dedication to our country and it’s way of life!

He has left this world, but not without leaving behind many fond memories of himself to those who knew him.

It is with great Honor that we remember Ed Hill with this Veteran Spotlight, as we thank you for your Service, Dedication and Sacrifice to our grateful Nation

Rest Easy Soldier, your tour of Duty is complete –

You are:
Never Forgotten-Forever Revered


O Heavenly Father,
We gather today, to Honor our fallen Hero – Edward Hill

We celebrate his life, and remember the devotion to his Duty and Family.

We will forever keep the legacy that he leaves behind, in our hearts.

We have known our Hero for quite a long time, and can testify his service to our Country was Heartfelt and Honorable.

We stand here to Honor his life – his service – and his memory.

We know our Hero will find peace and comfort, dwelling in the house of the Lord forever.

Rest easy brother, – your Tour of Duty is complete.

…you will always be: Never Forgotten – Forever Revered.