Our Amazing Healthcare Workers

This weeks Throwback Thursday Heroes of the week are:

All our Heroic Nurses and Health care workers:

Their Honorable Career of Service Started from the time they were licensed in their professional specialty of choice,

Pictured is Sabrina Elmore, she is currently a Cardiac Step down Endoscopy RN.

Pictured also is Pamela Wayne, these two ladies are but two of countless Nurses, along with Cindy Spivey, Joe Richards & Joanne Sileo who are on the front lines everday, helping those suffering from the many illnesses and diseases that are out there in the world affecting us.

It is with great Pride and Honor, that we know so many Nurses who’s enduring service and selfless dedication keep them working daily to better the lives of those in their care.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Healthcare Profession, We can never thank you enough for your Service, Dedication and Sacrifice to our great Country.

You are:

Never Forgotten – Forever Revered

Sabrina Elmore
Pam Wayne
Pam Wayne