Reverence Honor Line Protocol

The Honor Line is our chance for the community to see that we stand TALL AND SILENT in Honor of our Heroes.

  • No talking.  Unless needed, especially when family or guests are anywhere within earshot.   
  • Cell phones OFF or Silent
  • We will not walk while unrolling flag or with a rolled flag.  The flag will always be unrolled before leaving the staging area.  
  • We will not walk while rolling up our flag, wait until you reach the staging area to roll it up.
  • If you leave the Flag Line, step back and the formation will take your place, if you return to the formation, please take the last place in the line. Bring your flag with you.
  • No Smoking at any time if holding a flag.  
  • No moving around unless leaving the Honor Line.
  • Keep the flag pole vertical at all times.  
  • We will hold the flag in our RIGHT hand, as YOU are the Flag when holding one.
  • If you do not have a flag stand tall and silent between other flag holders and follow commands.
  • When the command Attention is given, come to attention, when the command Present Arms is given, you will move the Flag vertically in front of you and use your left hand to support the flag pole center of your body. The flag NEVER dips or tilts. Order arms means to go back to the flag in your right hand at your side.    
  • When we dismiss the Honor Line, keep the flag vertical until you reach the staging area.
  • Always remember, there is still family and friends close by and easily within hearing and visual range of what we are saying and doing.  We will maintain our Professionalism at all times when facilitating an Honor Mission.